My last day – 28.06.18

I had to wake up early because I had school. It was my last ride on the yellow school bus. We didn't have a normal school day with classes instead we had first about an hour just to hang out with our friends. At 10 o'clock the assembly started in the gym. A couple of …

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Update – 27.06.18

Today is or was my second last day and I still can't realize that I'm going "home" soon. At least this day was full of adventure. In the morning I received a message from Megann that I can go rafting again and that I can bring a friend. So I did. I asked my best …

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We had snow yesterday. That's so's June and we had snow. The funny thing is that I got a sun burn on Saturday. It is definitely an experience but I cannot see snow and clouds and rain anymore, I need summer and sun and warm temperatures!!! Due to the weather and the car wash …

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